Digital immersion, virtual sound spaces and theatre environments that echo in our own bodies. The DIVE – Festival for immersive arts marks the first collaboration between the Planetarium and the Schauspielhaus in Bochum. Over the course of three days DIVE will present a variety of immersive installations, surround sound concerts and 360° performances that offer audiences new worlds of experience that they can immerse themselves in completely.

The term immersive arts denotes the possibility of immersing oneself completely in the respective work. A tendency can be found in almost all contemporary aesthetic disciplines to create intensely atmospheric environments. By using new technological and design techniques artificial worlds can be created that have never previously existed, challenging human perceptions and even questioning them. Virtual Reality goggles are not always required to experience immersive art. While the Planetarium has always operated in an immersive manner, the visual arts, cinema, music and not least theatre have each evolved their own techniques and strategies in recent years to generate immersive experiences. The expansive range of these new forms of expression across various art forms is presented within DIVE.

The assembly of a prestigious international line up of immersive media art for the first time in this form is a key forward-looking initiative within the diverse cultural landscape of the Ruhr region.

In its first year the festival particularly honours the artist Ulf Langheinrich with several of his works.  Two works, Hemisphere (2006) and Lost (2018), that are each specially conceived for a media dome can be experienced in the Planetarium: patters are transmitted to the human brain using video and stroboscopic light that seem to dissolve the apparently real world resulting in transcendental experiences. Langheinrich will also create a new stereoscopic installation for the Oval Office media arts centre in the basement at Schauspielhaus Bochum that can be viewed with 3D glasses.

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  • Place: Theaterrevier (Zeche Eins), The Schauspielhaus foyer, Oval Office
  • Tags: #exhibition #talk
  • DIVE-Festival
  • Immersive Arts Festival 21.11. - 24.11.2019