JUST LOOKING - NO TOUCHING. That's what you tell small children or maybe say in a museum. But now even theater should suddenly be "contactless". Touching people with theatre without touching each other - how is that possible? On stage, behind the scenes, in the audience ... AND FOR HOW LONG? Just one question of many we are confronted with now. The Corona virus has turned the world upside down. These are not normal times, and the coming season will be no "normal" one. So this is also NO NORMAL SEASON PREVIEW. On the other hand: Can theater ever be normal? Hopefully not too often. Now we need even more imagination and flexibility. Living with the uncertainty. Working and playing under new conditions. NOT ALL IS POSSIBLE - we will focus on selected programme points and locations. But other things will be possible - we will rethink and create new theatre experiences. Our season preview was created during this period of instability. We share with you our thoughts, ideas, hopes and also feelings of uncertainty. FIRST OF ALL WE TAKE A LOOK AT THE FIRST HALF OF THE NEW SEASON. Sometimes still without fixed premiere dates. With the possibility of venues still changing or plays when we realize that we cannot perform them or want to stage others. THE NEW NORMAL IS NOT NORMAL. In the best case, we surprise you and ourselves over and over again.

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