Cheryl Glickman, a successful single woman in her early 40s, is suffering. She has difficulty swallowing. She has a lump in her throat that just won’t go away.  Philip, her co-worker and imaginary lover of many years standing, recommends she sees a chromotherapist. And for his sake, she goes. Even when it turns out that Philip, who is in his sixties, loves someone else. And that that someone is just 16.

The chaos of love and relationships: extremely funny

Meanwhile Clee, her bosses’ 20-year-old daughter, moves in with Cheryl. Clee mainly hangs out: she likes TV, crisps and cola light. To begin with she is only going to stay for a few days. But then her desires and her violence start taking up more and more space in Cheryl’s life.   

Christopher Rüping has directed Miranda July’s first novel The First Bad Man, chosen by the Guardian newspaper – along with Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina – as one of the top ten failed romances in fiction, with great humour and pace. On stage along with the singer Brandy Butler and video artist Rebecca Meining are Anna Drexler and Maja Beckmann – making her return to Bochum.

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  • Miranda July’s The First Bad Man
  • Text: nach Miranda July
    Direction: Christopher Rüping
  • Premiere: Spring 2020
A Münchner Kammerspiele / Schauspielhaus Zürich production
Press voices:

Es ist eine Freude, Anna Drexler und Maja Beckmann zuzusehen, wie sie lustvoll durch diese turbulente, oft hochnotkomische Lebensnummernrevue toben.
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Durch und durch konstruiert, mit den einfachsten Mitteln und großer Schauspielkunst: Miranda Julys Der erste fiese Typ zeigt, was ein Roman im Theater verloren hat.