The core tasks of a city theatre include continuously learning about its own city and society. And combining this with connecting the theatre directly with urban life. This beautiful and important idea is one we wish to follow each season.   

We began with the play Teachers that was performed at six different locations in Bochum during the 2018/2019 season. In the 2019/2020 this task will be handed over to the next generation of directors. Assistant directors at the Schauspielhaus will be given the free space to develop their own productions. They will explore the city of Bochum, looking for potential venues and themes for their productions.  This could be a performance in a club, use an empty space, be an open air presentation, or a show on the subway or on the roof of a car park… Schauspielhaus enters the city!

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  • In der Stadt
  • (In the City)
    3 theatre projects in different locations in Bochum
    Direction: Annett Jarewski / Judith Skupien / Anna Stiepani
  • Premiere: 2019/2020