Romain Frequency, born in Paris, has been working as a stage composer since 2012. His compositions from regular collaborations with director Lilja Rupprecht can be heard in Amerika at Schauspiel Stuttgart, Lenz, Hundeherz, Antigone at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Jeff Koons at Schaubühne, Groß und Klein, Mary Page Marlowe at Schauspiel Köln and Unschuld, Caligula at Munich Volkstheater, among others.

He participated in the digital art festival Turn Around Bright Eyes (Berghain, 2015) with his sound and video installations. He released the studio album Art Support Machine (2014) under the name Electrosexual.

Romain Frequency was back at the Deutsches Theater for ugly duckling with director Bastian Kraft in 2019. He was also responsible for the music in Wether (2019/20) at Schauspiel Hannover, as well as in Judith (2020/21).

Past roles: