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LIEBE/ Eine argumentative Übung

von Sivan Ben Yishai

Director: Zita Gustav Wende

theatre on demand

available until 31.05.

Viel gut essen

von Sibylle Berg

Director: Anna Stiepani

theatre on demand

available until 05.06.
dates will follow

Foyer der Tiere

Ein Film von Judith Skupien, Christopher Bruckman, William Cooper, Lukas von der Lühe

Idea, concept: Judith Skupien


Sun, 30.01.

SQÜRL – Jim Jarmusch & Carter Logan

TOUR 2022

perform live original scores to four films by MAN RAY

Schauspielhaus, 20:00




+++ LIVESTREAM: SAT, 15.05.2021, 19:30 +++

After his highly acclaimed Bochum reinterpretation of Iphigenia based on Euripides and Elfriede Jelinek, the award-winning director Dušan David Pařízek now turns his attention to Ibsen's restless traverser of the world and, with an acting ensemble around Anna Drexler in the title role as well as plenty of music, shakes up the play vigorously.

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CONCERT: SUN, 30.01.22, 20:00

Director Jim Jarmusch and composer Carter Logan (aka avant-garde post-rock duo SQÜRL) play live to four surreal and dreamlike silent films by artist Man Ray. "We are very proud to be Man Ray's backing band." (Jim Jarmusch)

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+++ BO-CAST +++

Actor Mourad Baaiz meets his colleagues at the Schauspielhaus Bochum for a one-on-one conversation. Personal insights into what it means to be an actor and to live - now, here, at this theatre, in this world.

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Everyone knows Popeye the Sailor. But who is Olivia Oil? This play by Israeli playwright Sivan Ben Yishai tells the story of the famous comic hero and his less famous girlfriend as an explicit play. With no taboos and a lot of humour directed by Zita Gustav Wende, performed by ensemble member Jele Brückner.

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Sibylle Berg lets a modern Everyman rant, complain and contemplate about the condition of our society. A man stands in his kitchen, and while he cooks a menu of several courses from the finest ingredients, he lets his thoughts run free. The "feel good" dinner turns into an explosive cocktail of self-pity and anger, because something is definitely going wrong in the state of Germany. Anna Stiepani directs and Bernd Rademacher plays.

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Currently, no performances can be played in front of an audience and the Schauspielhaus offers a digital programme with the BO-STREAMS. A test centre has been set up in the foyer of the Schauspielhaus where citizens of Bochum can be tested for Corona.

Infos in times of Covid-19 (only in German)

to make an appointment at the Corona test centre



Gina Haller receives Art Award 2021
of the Academy of Arts, Berlin

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+++ audio tip +++

With Immer Theater mit Danni (Always Theatre with Danni), Radio Bochum reporter Danni Rösner launched her new podcast and is doing what she does best: intensive interviews at her favourite place in Bochum: the Schauspielhaus.

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Global warming is advancing, wars are destroying ever larger parts of the world, corporations are exploiting the earth and its resources to the hilt: The planet we live on is doomed. But we have the solution to save the world: a migration to Mars!

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Two actors, a technician and a musician are waiting for their play to begin. Everything is ready – but where’s the audience? They’re meant to be sold out. But everything is a little bit different today. The Invisible Man is all about what you can’t see. About invisiblity. And secretly it’s also about how nice it can be not being seen.

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Award for Sandra Hüller
and Gina Haller

For their performance in Johan Simons' production of Hamlet, Sandra Hüller and Gina Haller have been awarded Actress and Young Actress of the Year respectively. Another pleasing result of the current critics' survey of the magazine "Theater heute": In the category "Overall Performance of a Theatre", the Schauspielhaus Bochum came in second behind the Münchner Kammerspiele.


All information about the first half of 20/21 season in our newspaper!

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Kurzfilmreihe von Anna Stiepani ... eine Bochumer Robinsonade voller Poesie, Schönheit und Anarchie

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Afraid to die? People no longer remember. In the future in Elias Canetti's play Die Befristeten, the date of death is fixed for all human beings, from birth. There are no more fatal accidents, no more murder in the conventional sense, the oldest people are generally considered to be the most valuable, and death is romantically called "the moment".

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Folge 4 - 2019/2020
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Die politische Diskussionsreihe mit Sonia Seymour Mikich
zur Reihe
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William Shakespeare turned an European legend into the philosophical story of a search for meaning that is still fascinating today. Directed by Johans Simons with Sandra Hüller in the title role, Hamlet becomes a plea for radical honesty.

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"Für Hamlet muss alles einen Sinn haben"

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Following their acclaimed adaptation of Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Bilder deiner großen Liebe director Tom Schneider and the musicians and actors Moritz Bossmann, Sandra Hüller and Sandro Tajouri embark on a new musical and theatrical adventure.


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Sandra Hüller and Jens Harzer in Penthesilea

Star im Film und Theater: Sandra Hüller
Sandra Hüller spielt in Penthesilea.
Zum Porträt
Sprache ist seine Welt: Jens Harzer
Jens Harzer spielt in Penthesilea.
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