Wheelchair access

The Schauspielhaus and Kammerspiele have disabled access. If you require a wheelchair space please reserve your ticket at the box office in good time.

Two wheelchair spaces are available. To reach your space, please use the ramp on the left hand side of the main entrance and then the ramp on the left of the box office foyer. Disabled WC facilities are also available on the left hand side at ground floor level.

One wheelchair space is available. The foyer, Tanas restaurant and a disabled WC are accessible using a platform lift from one hour before the performance.  A stair crawler will then bring you to auditorium level.

Access to the foyer and stage area of the Theaterrevier is at ground level, making it accessible, and there are disabled toilets. The number of wheelchair spaces can vary depending on the performance, but there is a minimum of two spaces.

Oval Office
We regret that the Oval Office do not has disabled access. We are working together with the politicians and administration of the city of Bochum to improve means of access.

Disabled Parking

The following disabled parking spaces are available close to Schauspielhaus Bochum:

  • Several disabled spaces in car park P9 in Hubertusstraße. A lift takes you to the Shakespeareplatz, from which you must then cross Königsallee in the direction of the Schauspielhaus or Kammerspiele.
  • One disabled parking space in the line of spaces on the side of Königsallee at the corner with Hubertusstraße level with the doctor’s surgery and hairdresser. From here you must also cross Königsallee.
  • One disabled parking space on the corner of Theatervorplatz/Oskar-Hoffmann-Straße level with Bäckerei Schmidtmeier.

Viewed from the Theaterplatz, the Schauspielhaus has disabled access through the left hand side of the main entrance. You can reach the Kammerspiele by taking the right hand entrance.

Hearing loops for guests with impaired hearing

Inductive hearing loops have been installed in the Schauspielhaus and the Kammerspiele in order to help guests with hearing aids understand our shows better.

Limitations: For those affected, in the Schauspielhaus we recommend seating in the stalls (except for row 11), because the gallery and the boxes aren’t equipped with an induction loop.
In the Kammerspiele we recommend not choosing these rows and seats due to limited reception: row 1, row 5 and row 6 as well as seats 184, 185, 186, 187, 208 and 209 in row 7.