Theatre canteen by day, bistro for our guests by night: In the Kammerspiele, our theatre caterers welcome you to the drinks counter or the restaurant area of Tanas, serving delicious tarte flambée, fresh pasta, crisp salads, Mediterranean antipasti or simply a freshly tapped, cool pilsner.

On performance days, Tanas is open to the public from 1 hour before the start of the performance to 1 hour after the end of the performance.

Reservation: tanas-restaurant.de

Foyer Schauspielhaus

The refreshment counters in the foyer of the Schauspielhaus offer snacks and drinks before the performance and during the break.

Oval Office Bar

Current information:


The Oval Office Bar is a cooperation between the Schauspielhaus Bochum and the KosmoPolis association. We are collectively organised and finance the programme with the income from the bar. As a place of solidarity we want to be a node in the network of the diverse free, queer, political scene in Bochum.
Our bar is a soli bar, which means: whoever has more pays more, and whoever has less pays less. We finance our programme in the bar from this turnover. Feel free to contact us at the bar with any questions or for more information.

❤ Another Bar is possible ❤

Access via Saladin-Schmitt-Straße
Thu - Sat, from 19:00