+++ NEW SPRING-GANGS IN 2021 +++

You can register from now on. Let's get started!

Although we can only build gangs with a few participants are possible, everyone should feel included. Our rehearsal rooms are barrier-free accessible and so are our minds!

Costs per gang: 30 Euro, für the dance gang 60 Euro. We know that this is a lot of money for some families and individuals. Please get in touch with us, we will find a solution for everyone!

Registration exclusively via our new website www.theaterrevier.de



On the asphalt
Puppet Theatre Gang
a gang for people from the age of 14

Under the direction of Kama, you‘ll go out into the streets to act and dance. Our stages will be the hidden places in Bochum: underground garages, backyards, parks and much more. We‘ll develop choreographies from different dance styles that you‘ll dance and experienced in the natural decor of the city.

Besides a first block "INDOOR", where Kama will train and dance with you a lot, we will go "OUTDOOR" together and look for our stages in the city. Where exactly we will dance at the end, whether we will do it with an audience or shoot a dance film, that remains to be seen and we will decide together. In this project, you are the co-creators and we‘ll think creatively together!

We are looking for courageous participants (and participants, who want to learn to be courageous) who want to discover the city environment in a new way, who like to be outside a lot and above all: who want to dance!

DIRECTION: Kama Frankl-Groß

We cannot yet estimate when the gang will be able to start. We have to wait to know how the Corona situation will develop over the next few weeks. However, we are confident that the gang will perform before the end of this season! If you want to be part of this gang, just sign up. We will send you all the necessary information as soon as we know more.

COSTS: 60 Euro