Nicole Beutler
© Anja Beutler

Nicole Beutler, born Munich, 1969, has a background in the visual arts and German literature, and studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Over the past twenty years, Beutler has made her mark on the Dutch performing arts with her unique approach combining performance, dance, fine art and music theatre. After the two collectives  The Liminal Institute and LISA, since 2009 she is the artistic director of her company, Nicole Beutler Projects. Next to numerous nominations her work has received several awards including the Dioraphte Prize (2014), twice the VSCD Mime Prize (2009 & 2020/21) from the dutch union of city theatres and in 2021 she received the award from MusicTheatreNOW. In 2018, Beutler was awarded the generous Gieskes-Strijbis Podiumprijs for her diverse oeuvre. 2021-2024 she is artist in residence at O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre in Rotterdam.

In the course of her career, Beutler has related the body and a wide variety of dance forms to opera, urban arts, live and recorded music, text-based theatre, puppetry and visual art. As an artist, she thinks beyond genre and makes theatre as a Gesamtkunstwerk; the form and content of every element – movement, word, space, light, sound, costume – are carefully composed in relation to the concept of each work. With her curious gaze, Beutler constantly incorporates new influences into her work and thus continuously stretches the boundaries of what constitutes dance/performance/ music theatre. Her works are based on universal, topical themes that concern us all. Beutler’s mission is to translate the human condition into a visual language that gives the audience space to reflect. Since 2018 Beutler focusses with her work mainly on the relation of humankind to the planet in times of the climate crisis. She is the mother of one child.

Current roles:

  • Concept, Choreography in PULSE!