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Photo: Heike Bogenberger

Philipp Blom

Philipp Blom was born in 1970 in Hamburg and grew up in Detmold, in Germany. After university studies in Vienna and Oxford, he obtained a D.Phil in Modern History. He started writing at Oxford and published a novel as well as occasional journalism. After university, he worked in London as an editor, translator, writer and freelance journalist, contributing to newspapers, magazines and radio programmes in Great Britain, the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and France. In 2001, Philipp Blom moved to Paris, and in 2007 he settled in Vienna, where he continues to write historical nonfiction as well as fiction, and journalism. He presents a cultural discussion programme on Austrian national radio and has lectured on philosophy and cultural history in Europe, the US, and South America. For The Vertigo Years he received NDR Nonfiction Prize 2009 and De Groene Waterman Prijs 2010, Belgium. For The Wicked Company he received the Gleim Prize 2011 and Historical book of the year 2011, Damals Magazin.

Past roles: