Vanessa Rust, born in Bremen in 1988, graduated in Fashion Textile Management from the JAK Academy in Hamburg in 2013. From 2014 to 2017 she was a costume assistant at the Dortmund Theatre, since then she has worked as a freelance costume designer. Since 2016, Vanessa Rust has been working as a freelance costume designer for German-language theatre - among other things, she designed the costumes for La Révolution #1 - Wir schaffen das schon (director: Ed. Hauswirth) and for Furcht und Hoffnung in Deutschland: Wir sind das Volk (director: Wiebke Rüter) as well as for Heimliche Helden (director: Julia Schubert) and (together with Michael Sieberock-Serafimowitsch) hell / ein Augenblick (director: Kay Voges) as well as of Der Futurologische Kongress (director: Nils Voges) and Memory Alpha oder Die Zeit der Augenzeugen (director: Ed. Hauswirth), at Schauspiel Essen the costume design for Metropolis (director: Nils Voges), at Schauspiel Leipzig the costume design for König Ubu / Ubus Prozess (director: Claudia Bauer), at Theater Basel the costume design for Tartuffe oder das Schwein der Weisen (director: Claudia Bauer).

Past roles: