Ruimtevaarders (engl. astronauts) is the collaboration between the two Belgian scenographers, Karolien De Schepper and Christophe Engels. Karolien De Schepper is an architect, Christophe Engels is a trained visual artist for 3D/multimedia design. Since their first joint commission for the HetTheaterfestival in 2008, they have been working together. Half of them are stage sets for the theatre, among others for SKaGeN, LOD, Münchner Kammerspiele, Theater Malpertuis, Theaterproductiehuis Zeelandia, Das Fräulein Kompanie, KVS, Zeven vzw, Zonzo Compagnie, Frascati and Toneelgroep Amsterdam. They also create installations, events and exhibitions, often invited by artists and institutions such as the theatre production house Zeelandia, Das Fraulein Kompanie, KVS, Zachzo Compagnie, Frascati, the Clara Festival, deSingel, Play Festival, Passa Porta, Kunstenpunt, STORMOPKOMST, Antwerpen Open or De Nachten. At the Schauspielhaus Bochum they designed the stage for Milo Rau's production Orest in Mossul in the 2018/19 season.

Past roles: