Benjamin van Dijk, born 1997 in Amsterdam (Netherlands), studies Composition and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts Utrecht. He is a multi-instrumentalist, starting out with drums at eight and moving into guitar, bass guitar, piano and trumpet. In his work mainly focusses on electroacoustic music and creating textured, layered and provocative sounds. Current projects of his include the experimental electronic noise art project Room and Terror for which he recently released the album boogi es f asè and the krelis trilogy of short films which will be released later this year. Previously he released music with his power-electronics/drone project Shuanggui, with which he has performed several shows in the netherlands, and his lofi noisepop project dr. asbest. He lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At Schauspielhaus Bochum he creates the music and sounddesign for Johan Simon’s Iwanow.

Current roles: