Roberto Jean, grew up in French Guiana where he began his acting career with the company Le Théâtre de l'Entonnoir. He continued his education with interdisciplinary humanities studies at the Conservatoire Jean Wiener in Bobigny and then at the ESAD of the Théâtre National de Strasbourg. He has worked under the direction of Bob Wilson, Luc Perceval, Stanislas Nordey, Eric Ruf, Alain Françon, Adel Hakim, Julien Gosselin, Rémi Barché, Lazare and Jean-René Lemoine and was a contemporary dance student of Maggie Boogart at the Centre de danse du Marais. He is mainly an actor, but at the same time he uses other media such as text or film to realize projects that are close to his heart, on subjects that are not or only marginally represented on the French theatre stages. In the 2019/20 season he is writing the text for the city project Die Erde ist eine Kugel in Bochum.

Past roles: