cobratheater.cobra is a young network of more than 40 artists from different branches of the performing and visual arts, mainly working in Hamburg, Hannover, Hildesheim and Berlin. Together, cobratheater.cobra is always looking for an alternative way of developing theatre processes, community, aesthetics and interdisciplinarity in ever new contexts. Thus it is also visual artists, musicians, opera singers, cultural scientists and authors who belong to the network. cobratheater.cobra is about plurality, conflict, contradictions and the step into the unknown and misunderstood. The network is inspired by digital thinking, among other things. The working methods and aesthetics used by the various groups called cobratheater.cobra are not fixed. In addition to performative and theatrical works, he has already created short films, installations, video art, pop-cultural dance theatre and experimental operas. At Schauspielhaus Bochum their projects deep inside and German Horror Daemonium will be shown in the 2020/2021 season in the Theaterrevier.