Laura Haapakangas, born 1985, is a stage and costume designer (Master of Arts) and has been working in the field of performing arts and film since 2006. Haapakangas' work has been seen at both the Finnish National Theatre and Lahti City Theatre, as well as at Q-teatteri and Zodiak-Centre for New Dance. Abroad, her works have been performed at festivals in Norway, Estonia and Iceland, among others. Her work is often characterised by an exploration of material hierarchies and tactilities, and her scenic images evoke questions of power, the natural and unnatural, as well as the familiar and unfamiliar. Most of her work takes place in the context of performances that straddle the genres of dance, theatre and live art. Haapakangas is one of the seven members of the art collective W A U H A U S, which performs contemporary theatre, performances and dance productions as well as social choreographies, lectures and workshops, and is known for its comprehensive audiovisual stage aesthetics and methods of co-authorship.

Current roles: