Just look at him! There he stands,... And not just him, but (almost) all of his friends are on stage with Struwwelpeter. They stumble, run, swim, fidget, fall, and fly. There's a lot of movement going on when Philipp just can't sit still at the table, Paulinchen plays with matches, or Suppen-Kaspar refuses to eat his soup. Here, strict rules collide with strong-willed children full of curiosity, and sometimes you might wonder where the parents are. The book Der Struwwelpeter was a precursor to the comic strip and is bursting with movement, onomatopoeia, exaggerations, and a level of intensity that has nothing to do with realism anymore. No matter how creepy it gets, how many thumbs are cut off, or how many plates, bottles, and pieces of bread end up on the floor – here, theatrical moments are created that provoke laughter, shudders, reflection, and empathy.

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  • Place:
  • Duration: 0:50, no break
  • First performance/Premiere: 10.09.2023
  • Language: DE
Video: Siegersbusch Film
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