Did you know that an audience's heartbeat aligns while watching a play? Nine acting students are showing themselves on a stage for the first time, studies in lockdown behind them, a life for the arts ahead of them. The play they are performing is based on the essay On Connection by Kae Tempest, poet and musician. What is it about? About everything: our lives, our pains, our hopes. About the belief that more connects us than separates us. And that theater can connect us. The play is a plea for a culture of compassion and cohesion in times of great disunity and political divisions. With the courage to be emotional and kitschy, with a good portion of theatrical passion, the players lay their hearts at our feet and invite the audience to form a community whose hearts beat together for 75 minutes.

On Connection by Kae Tempest, published by Faber & Faber in English (Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin in Germany), 2020, with permission of Lewinsohn Literary Agency Ltd


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  • Premiere: 22.01.2022
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