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Mieko Suzuki

Mieko Suzuki was born in Hiroshima and is based in Berlin. As a sound artist, she deals with time and space as her primal matter. In her DJ sets and performances, for which she uses drones and field recordings, the crackling of electrical circuits and fragments of vinyl records, she always goes for the unexpected. Her signature take on sound creates equal effect in a basement club, a theater play or a dance performance as well as in the context of visual arts and haute couture. Her recent gigs include music festivals such as A L’ARME! Festival (Radialsystem Berghain, Berlin), CTM Festival(Berlin), CYNETART Festival (Dresden), Labor Sonor (KuLe, Berlin) and Ausland (Berlin). She has also been involved in many crossdisciplinary collaborations, amongst others with choreographer Meg Stuart, fashion designer Tatsuro Horikawa, artist Barbara Raes, Maria F. Scaroni or Raster.Labor. Since 2009, she has been running her own multidisciplinary event KOOKOO, together with Arno Raffeiner at OHM gallery in Berlin. At Schauspielhaus Bochum she creates the music and sounddesign for Johan Simon’s Hamlet.

Current roles: