Chris Peck is a composer, computer musician and improviser who often works in the field of contemporary dance and theatre. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Electro-Acoustic Music from Dartmouth College and a PhD in composition and computer technology from the University of Virginia. From 2008 to 2010 he worked with Deke Weaver and Jennifer Allen on two episodes of Weaver's Unreliable Bestiary: Elephant in 2010/2011 (premiered at the Stock Pavillon in Urbana and at the Sundance Film Festival and Salt Lake Arts Center) and Wolf in 2013, working with theatre artists such as Beth Gill, John Jasperse, RoseAnne Spradlin, David Dorfman, Abby Yager, Ming Yang/Dance Forum Taipei and Jeanine Durning. Among her most recent projects are the collaboration with choreographer Milka Djordjevich (Mass in The Kitchen, New York 2015) and choreographer Eleanor Bauer (Meyoucycle at the Kunstfestivaldesarts 2016). Peck also performs as an improviser with Jon Moniaci and Stephen Rush under the name Crystal Mooncone. New Joy in the 2018/2019 season is his first work at Schauspielhaus Bochum.

Past roles:

  • Concept, Director, Music in New Joy