Milja Aho, born 1982 in Hämeenlinna (Finland), is a visual designer based in Helsinki with a great liking for playful and strange combinations as well as slightly twisted realisties. She works mainly in the field of theatre and film and graduated in 2012 from Aalto University with a Master of Arts in stage design. She collaborated with Saara Turunen in both plays of the same series: The Phantom of Normality and Medusa’s Room. Moreover, she did the production design for Games People Play, which was part of the Nordisk Film Competition of the Göteborg Film Festival 2020 and has been visiting several festivals around the world since. The performances Tavallisuuden aave and Syklit won the Thalia Prize for Best Performance in Finland in 2017 and 2019. Aho´s scenography in American Girl was presented in Shanghai and Beijing Expo Evolving Design for Performance from 2015 to 2016. Aho aims to create specific aesthetics for each piece by not only focussing on the visual appearance but what kind of atmosphere, rhythm and way of being the stage entails.

Current roles: