Isabela Voicu, born in 1995 in Sibiu (Romania), studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and fine arts at the École Supérieure d'Art de La Réunion. She graduated with honours in 2021 with the performance Thalassa Doxa under Anna Viebrock. Since 2016, she has assisted at Staatstheater Stuttgart, Burgtheater Wien, Schauspielhaus Wien, Tanzquartier Wien and Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

During her studies, she created the performance echotecture. (2016) in collaboration with Klangforum Wien and the music theatre piece Ausbreitung Variabel (2019) with the freelance Berlin opera company NOVOFLOT. She worked as a set designer for the company Freispiel for the play Siebensachen, which premiered at Dschungel Wien. In May 2023, she designed the set and costume design for the production Herstory at Werk X Wien together with Flora Besenbäck.

Since 2021 she is co-founder and performer of the association Academy of Fine Brass. She has lived in Bochum since 2023, where she works as a stage design assistant at the Schauspielhaus.

Current roles: