The moving story of the boy who discovers the world on the back of a goose.

In this story, human is small, very small, and nature is big, very big! Naughty Nils, who doesn't listen to his parents and annoys the animals when he gets bored, is punished by a goblin by being hexed. When he tries in vain to stop the pet goose Martin from escaping, he suddenly finds himself in the air on its back, accompanying a flock of wild geese on their flight high above the clouds. Nils gets to know so many animals on his journey and makes so many friends. There is Akka, the stern lead goose, who always keeps an overview and never gets lost, but also Smirre, the fox, who is hot on the heels of Nils and the geese.

Nils experiences first-hand what it means to be exposed to nature. He sees how humans are taking up more and more space and what this means for the animals, whose habitat is becoming smaller and more dangerous. His heart grows as the journey progresses, but his homesickness also increases. But he can't get under his parents' noses when he's so small! Nils is desperate, but the wind above the clouds whispers to him – or was it the setting sun over the sea? – that he shouldn't give up hope.

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  • Nils Holgersson
  • 🐬 6+
  • nach Selma Lagerlöf
  • Director: Nils Zapfe
  • Place:
  • Premiere: 16.11.2024

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