The autobiographical novel Der erste Mensch is the childhood story of Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus. Embedded in music from elements of the Arabic Rai and the French Musette, specially written for this stage monologue, actor Joachim Król tells this touching and exciting story about the power of education - and about the fact that everyone can make it:

School is a place that opens the view of life? A young pupil for whom learning is a wild adventure, in which new worlds are opened to him every day?  Little Albert Camus experienced it this way. Modern education politicians and educators have to rub their eyes irritated when they hear his story. In a narrative parforce ride, Joachim Król takes his audience as first-person narrators into a world full of poverty, joie de vivre and natural beauty. The music of the Orchestre du Soleil provides the rousing soundtrack to this highly topical piece about the adventure of education, at the end of which a man who grows up as a child in a family of illiterates is awarded the Nobel Prize.

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  • Joachim Król & l’Orchestre du Soleil
  • Der erste Mensch
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