Theatre comes to school and stirs everything up for three weeks: costumes are tailored, songs are composed, stories told, props invented, a play rehearsed. 100 primary school children make a fuss!

Their imagination, their ideas and their energy are the breeding ground for a play that the pupils develop themselves on the basis of a mythological story and bring to life together with actress Elsie de Brauw, acting graduates of the Folkwang University of Arts as well as students of scenography. Three to four performances at school in front of parents, pupils and residents of the district form the conclusion and culmination of this cooperation between theatre, art academy and school.

The primary school at Maarbrücke is located in Stahlhausen. Here 175 children with roots in more than 20 nations are taught. The rehearsals and workshops are open to parents, who are always welcome – as support at work or as curious spectators.

Based on a concept of the initiative Kunst in de Klas by Elsie de Brauw and Johan Simons.

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  • Künste in der Klasse
  • The theater's coming to school!
  • Concept and conduct: Elsie de Brauw
  • First performance/Premiere: 04.07.2019
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