The story is based on the mythological figure of Ismene, sister of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus. It could also be called: the story of a forgotten woman.  The story of a woman who always lived in the shadow of her heroic, world-famous sister. A woman who thinks she has no right to exist because she has never done anything remarkable or memorable. A woman who is ashamed of what she is and how she has been. Because our heroes are people who do things and not people who leave things alone. Thousands of years after her death, she starts talking – somewhere where time no longer matters.

Sister Of is a monologue and is performed by Elsie de Brauw. In the Netherlands her performance was nominated for the Theo d’Or as Best Leading Actress. Author Lot Vekemans was also awarded the Van der Vies Prize for her monologue in which she creates the image of an anti-heroine: an icon for all the people who do not think in terms of grand ideals, but of smaller interests and desires. But are they any less heroic than those who stand on the barricades and fight with no fear of death?

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  • Schwester von
  • (Sister of)
    Text: Lot Vekemans
  • Director: Allan Zipson
  • Premiere: 2019/2020
Press voices:

Elsie de Brauw kann ihr Publikum 75 Minuten völlig in Bann ziehen.
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Was Elsie de Brauw aus diesem Solo (auf Deutsch) macht, ist erstaunlich.
die tageszeitung

Ein Theaterwunder.
De Groene Amsterdammer

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Eineinviertel Stunden verharrt Elsie de Brauw als Ismene auf einem Fleck, eine Tour de Force im Stillstand, und sie macht aus der ,Heldin des Wartens‘ nicht nur eine nachvollziehbare Frauenfigur, sondern auch eine Heldin des mitreißenden Erzählens.
Abendzeitung München