Amid the midsummer celebrations the aristocratic Julie meets Jean, her father’s servant. She flirts with him uninhibitedly. Julie is unrestrained and dissatisfied and she is looking for something that means more than a marriage fitting her status. Jean embodies what is subordinate, unknown and arousing. She provokes him. He reacts with romantic and chivalrous gestures and words but warns Julie to beware of him: He will not be her plaything.

After spending the night together, the balance of power between them has shifted. Julie realises that they actually have nothing in common. Jean shows his brutal side and curses Julie. When her father returns, Jean immediately turns back into his obedient servant. All he has left for the devastated Julie is a razor, which she accepts listlessly.

August Strindberg (1849 – 1912) is Sweden’s leading dramatist. To this day his most famous play Miss Julie has lost none of its fascination regardless of the issue of class. It is a sensitively told, tense and surprising battle of the sexes that cuts to the quick.

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Fri, 14.02.
  • Fräulein Julie
  • (Miss Julie)
    text: August Strindberg
  • Premiere: 14.02.2020