What can a piano sound like in the 21st century? While searching for new sounds and compositional possibilities the two musicians based in Düsseldorf and Bochum Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel joined forces as Grandbrothers. Their enthusiasm for John Cage and his pre-prepared piano was the starting point for their own experiments with a concert grand. They wanted to create their own, completely unmistakable sound not digitally, but using analogue mechanics. With the help of apparatus they have developed themselves that can be controlled using a laptop, the grand piano thus produces an unexpectedly emotional sound aesthetic.  Classical meets electronic pop. The fact that Grandbrothers’ second album has been released on City Slang makes a lot of sense.  Between Caribou, The Notwist and Lambchop, 21st century piano music is in the best possible hands. We are delighted that Grandbrothers will start the new season with us.

The concert will be opened by Tara Nome Doyle. The Norwegian-Irish singer and songwriter, who lives in Berlin, creates music that reflects her life between the big city and untouched nature and will soon be released on her debut album Alchemy.

At the after-show party in the Oval Office Bar, 1LIVE presenter and DJ veteran Klaus Fiehe will be DJing after the concert.

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  • Grandbrothers
  • Konzerte im Schauspielhaus
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    Support: Tara Nome Doyle
  • Premiere: 04.10.2019
Powered by Brost-Stiftung