For two decades the band led by singer and mastermind Stuart Staples has existed as Tindersticks. Even at the beginning they didn’t sound like any other band. They always kept their distance from Britpop and other nascent UK musical trends. Their genre might be termed “tragic pop”: dense and complex songs with ambitious lyrics wrapped up in an almost dark atmosphere borne along by emotionally sweeping strings while Stuart’s vocals put the audience into a gently hypnotic mood. It is this voice that has become the band from Nottingham’s trademark, by which Tindersticks will always be recognised. Their concerts are always an experience. Tindersticks become so absorbed in their own performance that there seems to be a danger they will never emerge from this trance again. We eagerly await their first concert on the main stage at Schauspielhaus Bochum.

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  • Place: Schauspielhaus
  • Tags: #music
Sat, 18.04.
  • Tindersticks
  • Konzerte im Schauspielhaus
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  • Premiere: 18.04.2020
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