Simply dying it i s not. It is not easy to die.
Juliane's mother is only 64 years old. She is seriously ill and lives in a nursing home. Now she wants to die and stops eating and drinking. Juliane accompanies her mother through this process. Friends and acq uaintances come to visit. They say goodbye. Juliane too, very slowly. Dying takes time, but it is quite peaceful, sometimes provocative. The outcome is already certain. Her mother will soon be gone, while Juliane's life goes on. She wants to hel p her mothe r, yet she knows she cannot take the dying away from her. Days turn into weeks. Daughter a nd mother are infinitely close, physically and spiritually. Until something separates them: the longed for death.

In her second feature film, Jessica Krummacher tell s of dying as it happens in reality. About letting go of a loved one. Until everything is quiet at the end.

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In Zusammenarbeit mit Klappboxfilme, in Koproduktion mit dem Bayerischen Rundfunk
  • Author and Director: Jessica Krummacher
  • Artistic assistant: Timo Müller
  • Dramaturgic assistance: Franz Rodenkirchen
  • Camera: Gerald Kerkletz
  • Assembling: Anne Fabini
  • Sound Design: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
  • Set design and costume design : Renate Schmaderer
  • Mask design: Anke Ebelt
  • Casting: Susanne Ritter
  • Editorial: Cornelia Ackers
  • Producers: Tobias Walker, Philipp Worm
  • Produced by: Walker+Worm Film
  • Filmverleih: Grandfilm GmbH
  • Juliane: Birte Schnöink
  • Kerstin: Elsie de Brauw
  • Dr. Philipp Plath: Christian Löber
  • Pflegerin Katharina: Gina Haller
  • Franka: Nicole Johannhanwahr
  • Stefan: Thomas Wehling
  • Birgit: Susanne Bredehöft
  • Kalle: Wolfgang Rüter
  • Christa: Johanna Orsini
  • Elisa: Ann Göbel
  • Jona: Konstantin Bühler
  • Sabine: Katharina Schmalenberg
  • Nachtschwester Natia: Marina Frenk
  • Ursula: Hede Beck
  • Sven: Jonas Friedrich Leonhardi
  • Julia: Johanna Wieking
  • Hedwig Moss: Veronika Nickl
  • Apothekerin: Karin Moog
  • Juliane als Kind: Oda Krummacher
  • Pfleger Sascha: Urs Rechn
  • Ärztin Martina Meyerling: Frederike Bohr
  • Elena: Wieslawa Wesolowska