Bochum becomes a stage when three groups of pupils conquer the districts in which their schools are located. Who are the people who live in Bochum-Mitte or Langendreer, who work in the kiosk on the corner, at the bakery or in the numerous mobile phone shops? What can be discovered in the side streets, squares and backyards?

For one year, Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum is present and active in schools, in its own workshops and in school courses and studies the disctricts together with pupils. City maps are spread out, facts googled, contacts made, the streets turned into stages and the creative potential explored on site. In cooperation with residents and business people, three performative art formats will be created and presented during a festival weekend in April 2019.

A project by Darren O'Donnell and Jana Eiting

With: Gesamtschule Bochum-Mitte, Nelson-Mandela-Schule in Langendreer, Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule in Werne and the collective Mit Ohne Alles

Tip: Symposium Social Acupuncture am 1.12.

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Premiere: April 2019