In Germany in recent years there has been a shift to the right. Under closer examination, one can find that, ever since it has been called Germany, the nation operates likes a factory to manufacture fear. Authoritarian thinking and violence motivated by racism and anti-Semitism have always existed in this country.

We have been keeping track of this evil and will perform a piece of theatre that tells of our search to pinpoint its origins. A woman quits a radical right-wing political party. She retreats into the bourgeois German woods that were never de-Nazified and feels secure there. It is a world swarming with sagas and fake news and conspiracy theories spread through group chats and soon more players slip past heaven and land on the map. The German woods have vanished, morphing into the hyperreality of a Fortnite-like Middle Ages where you need to use rebugs to buy weapons from the item shop. A storm is brewing and now it is circling in ever closer. An unknown twin turns up and challenges the woman who left. After this battle royal which one of them will be left standing?

In order to oppose the increasingly aggressive fascist tendencies of our society with decisiveness and art, cobratheater.cobra, the Junge Ensemble Stuttgart and the Junge Schauspielhaus Bochum are announcing the House of Digital Anti-Fascists! Over the course of two seasons various attempts will be made to create theater as an artistic activity and a space that opposes misanthropy. We will start in Bochum after the easter holydays 2021 with a performance, which will be created by the Junge Ensemble Stuttgart, followed by a new production for the Theaterrevier Bochum.

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  • Deep Inside
  • The House of digital Anti-Fascists  
  • by cobratheater.cobra
  • World Premiere
  • Premiere: dates will follow
A co-production with cobratheater.cobra and Junges Ensemble Stuttgart