Right-wing extremism and right-wing populism are not new phenomena in Germany, their structures and networks run through our society and are deeply anchored in our social and political system. In the production „DEEP INSIDE“, we follow the traces of the networks and structures and ask ourselves why they exist.

A family has to stay together during the lockdown. The brother and sister Franziska S. and Franz S. are condemned to homeschooling. A seemingly harmless homework assignment transports the family to the never-denazified bourgeois German forest, where they no longer know their way around. In this world, chat groups are teeming with german sagas and myths, fake news and conspiracy tales. Suddenly more teammates appear on the map - finally a way out of the confines of the father-dominated household? The German forest has turned into a fantastic Fortnite Middle Ages. On the horizon, the electromagnetic fog does not bode well, a thunderstorm is coming, drawing ever tighter circles. A family dispute flares up and seems to escalate, and the homework has long since become a life task. Who will be left at the end of this battle royal?

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  • Deep Inside
  • by cobratheater.cobra
A Doppelpass with cobratheater.cobra, Jungem Schauspielhaus Bochum and Junges Ensemble Stuttgart as part of the project "Haus der digitalen Antifaschist*innen"