After opening the Oval Office in memorable fashion with ZEE in 2018, the New York-based artist Kurt Hentschläger returns to Bochum: this time with the European premiere of his latest immersive work SUB. Instead of fog, this time absolute darkness surrounds the viewers and makes the room disappear. Flashes of light, appearing for a fraction of a second create impressions that challenge the human brain and burn themselves into our memories.

Abe restriction: 12+

Production residency by MANA Contemporary with additional support for installation premiere by the Austrian Cultural Forum New York & Hyphen Hub New York.
Initial project research and production supported by OK Center Linz, & CTM Berlin.
Production Assistance New York: Jonatan Martinez Technical Supervisor Touring: Alexander Boehmler
Management: Richard Castelli / Epidemic
Thanks to: Isabelle Meiffert, Claudia Hart, Martin Sturm, Genoveva Rueckert, Richard Castelli, Chara Skiadelli, Florence Berthaud, Pierre Laly, Asher Remy Toledo, Richard Garet, Ysabel Pinyol, Rezarta Seferi, Liridona Seferi and everybody at Mana Contemporary.

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  • SUB
  • Kurt Hentschläger
  • First performance/Premiere: 30.10.2021
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