An revenge, tragic and evil, comic and crazy: Claus Peymann, long-time companion and director of Thomas Bernhard's unforgettable plays, reads his very personal view of the – not only Austrian – cultural landscape. Scolding the whole of humanity and shaking his head at himself, Thomas Bernhard sketches in Meine Preise (My Prizes) a self-portrait of the author as a prize and prize money recipient. In an angry retrospect, he takes stock of the literary prizes awarded to him. The gifted comedian describes in detail the tragedies to which the awarding of the prizes developed in each case – no matter whether it was the Bremen Literature Prize, the State Prize for Novels, the Grillparzer Prize or the Georg Büchner Prize. Thomas Bernhard struggles with the world in general, with the cultural sector in particular and especially with himself right in the center of it.

The reading takes place in two parts. Each of the two evenings speaks for itself.

Afterwards, Claus Peymann signs the audio book Meine Preise (Roof Music) and his biography Mord und Totschlag (Alexander Verlag), both available in the foyer.

Language: German

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  • Claus Peymann liest Thomas Bernhard: Meine Preise
  • A reading in two parts