Welcome to a sweet show!

We invite you to join us for a tasting of sweet pleasures: come indulge in a delectable selection of saccharine cocktails and aesthetic bon bons – at the digital bar counter of the Oval Office Bar. Who is Claudia Bertani, the sultry cherry inspector testing the fruits that will end up in the liquor filled core of a certain chocolate candy? Why do common myths repeatedly correlate cuteness with the feminine and powerlessness? And why are self-indulgent male drunks celebrated not only by themselves, whereas the female excessive drinker still seems unacceptable, nay dangerous and undesirable?
These and many more cute questions beg to be asked, a syrupy cocktail in hand … On this special evening the works and actors gathered in this queer-feminist soirée interrogate the “Myth of Mon Chéri" and the patriarchal and repressive myths that accompany it. Instead of rejecting cuteness and the sweet, we shall obsess over it until we reach a collective and explosive climax and voilà: the bitter chocolate shell melts and releases a sticky sweet drop that runs down our chins and forms a stunning stain on our blouse! Instead of worrying about how this salacious mess may seem to others, tonight we are rather completely enamoured with ourselves – Mon Chéri becomes Mon Ch3rix!

The registration for this digital event takes place until the 15th of June via the e-mail address: CH3RIX [​at​] hotmail.com

Access to the Telegram app is required, preferably in the Desktop-Version.

A special Thanks to the Destillerie & Brennerei Heinrich Habbel Liqueur Manufactur as well as KESSLER Sekt GmbH & Co. KG.


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