The name URBANATIX has been synonymous with modern street acrobatics for more than ten years and has meanwhile achieved Europe-wide appeal with the annual large stage productions in the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. The URBANATIX ensemble reacted to the Corona-related cancellation of shows since 2020 with its strongest weapon: creativity.

Thus, in the middle of the pandemic, the idea was born to use the charisma of URBANATIX and the young diversity and creativity bundled in the project to develop a cinematic homage to the home of URBANATIX, the city of Bochum - fitting for the 700th anniversary of the city. With the energetic, 20-minute short film "URBANATIX HOME", the URBANATIX ensemble turned the whole of Bochum into its stage and staged its urban environment cinematically in a completely new and forward-looking way.

Originally conceived as a creative alternative for the play-free year, the film now becomes the basis for an extraordinary stage project at the Schauspielhaus Bochum: in an intimate URBANATIX special edition entitled "URBANATIX HOME - on stage", the elements of film, dance, music, street style and new circus merge on stage at a top international level. The iconic images of the film become the backdrop and stimulus for the exuberant expressiveness of a young and multicultural ensemble of musicians, dancers, artists and word acrobats, who approach the concept of "home" with their very own perspectives and life paths.

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  • URBANATIX HOME – on stage
  • Director, Artistic Director: Christian Eggert, Frank Hörner
  • Project Management: Carolin Hensel-Lippold, Sebastian Gies
  • With: Daniel Bendtsen, Jonathan Bendtsen, Joanna Mae Escobar, Varo Hernandez, Guillaume Karpowicz, Felix Küpper, TK alias Takudzwa Madaka , Paul Davis Newgate, Solomon Quaynoo, Nuria Salgado-Mages, Oskar Skrypko, Johanna Stein, Jonas Wilms
  • Director, Artistic Director: Christian Eggert, Frank Hörner
  • Project Management: Carolin Hensel-Lippold, Sebastian Gies
  • Visual Media: Dustin Janczewski, Jerome Krüger
  • Musical Direction: Sebastian Maier
  • Choreography: Natalia Nowakowski
  • Costume: Jana Januschweski-Moze
  • Technical Direction URBANATIX : Andreas Jüngermann, NeMedia
  • Light Operating URBANATIX : Malte Lehmann, NeMedia
  • Sound Operating URBANATIX: Peter Amoneit
  • Main Character: TK alias Takudzwa Madaka
  • Schleuderbrett: Daniel Bendtsen, Jonathan Bendtsen
  • Dance: Joanna Mae Escobar, Felix Küpper, Paul Davis Newgate, Solomon Quaynoo, Nuria Salgado-Mages
  • Flatland-BMX: Varo Hernandez
  • Diabolo: Guillaume Karpowicz
  • Chinese Mast: Oskar Skrypko
  • Cello: Johanna Stein
  • Drums & Percussion: Jonas Wilms