A merchant gets lost in the forest in an enchanted castle. No one seems to live there. When he wants to collect a rose for his daughter, he incurs the wrath of a terrible creature, half-man, half-beast. Only on the condition that his daughter Belle moves in with him does the beast let the man go. The beautiful Belle honour her father's promise and bravely moves in with the monster. Belle enjoys the freedom she has in this fairytale castle, where she can wear trousers, roam the forest and do what she likes. Over time, she gets to know the Beast, who is perhaps not as terrible as he seems at first glance. When her father falls ill, Belle is allowed to leave the castle. She promises to come back, but someone wants to prevent that at all costs. For there is a curse on the beast, and only Belle's love can break it ... A story about courage, curiosity and love - for everyone who likes to discover new things and enjoys magical suspense.

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  • Beauty and the Beast
  • For people aged 6 and over
  • by Lucy Kirkwood and Katie Mitchell
  • from the English by Katharina Schmitt
  • Director: Katharina Birch
  • Premiere: 26.11.2022