Judas is about a man whose name is synonymous with betrayal; a man who has been universally vilified for centuries. But without this man and without his Judas’ kiss, Christianity would never have become one of the great religions in the world. Every age has speculated about Judas and his motives. After two thousand years it is about time for Judas to have his own say: He stages a last effort to reduce his act to a human level and to take the audience where they rather would not be: to the Judas in themselves. – Steven Scharf was voted "Actor of the Year" for this role in 2013.

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  • A production of the Münchner Kammerspiele
  • Text: Lot Vekemans
  • Language: German
  • Director: Johan Simons
  • #theatre
  • Schauspielhaus
Tue, 07.05.
20:00 - 21:00
Fri, 24.05.
20:00 - 21:00
Premiere: 07.05.2018
Press voices:

Steven Scharf gives the apostle a gruff, straightforward diction with which he makes it clear that it was he who took all the blame for the betrayal. Scharf is a Judas of impressive clarity. In the artistic underexposure of the room he is a man of pain as if painted on the Iron Curtain. At the end of the German premiere, there was long applause for an extraordinary piece of acting.

Johan Simons has transformed the lucid text into a strong scenic form without any naturalistic gesture. But above all, he has a great actor. Steven Scharf‘s aura does not blow up the scenic corset, but it towers above it. It is an exciting evening and the evening of a formidable actor, who is rightly showered with applause.

An act of violence, both physically and mentally, for Steven Scharf, who only has to keep the tension through his voice. It is full and space-filling, but without pathos, although it always sounds as if he is about to burst into tears. (...) After the hour-long performance there is intense applause from a deeply moved audience.