Everything begins with the Earth, this giant lump of earth! Things are created out of earth. You can shape it, and sculpt it. Is that a lump, or a head? The actor Karin Moog and the musician Maika Küster develop images and sounds together. In their clay and sound workshop they create creatures with heads of their own. They shape and design them, turn them into mud and laugh. And just as soon as things are created, they can also vanish. In this play for two-year-olds and above, clay and musical notes play together, there are sounds and noises, and earth is kneaded and shaped. “It is the children who have led me to a certain abstraction in my work. Interestingly, the small children in particular. At the same time, contact with small children makes me want to respond to their complete openness, to be scrupulous and as awake as they are in encountering them. To be receptive with all my senses and my whole body.” Barbara Kölling

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  • Duration: 0:30, no break
  • Premiere: 25.09.2021

Die letzte Vorstellung fand am 10.03.2024 statt.

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