The internet has become a place where the labyrinthine structures of right-wing extremism are spreading. Right-wing movements old and new are using digital methods for networking, recruitment and mobilisation. The democratic majority has yet to find a successful strategy to counter this – it lacks a collective identity, initiative and activism.

We need other spaces: spaces to act and spaces to think, to counter racism and violence. With this in mind we propose launch the ghost train German Horror Daemonium (working title), thus entering an area in between art, politics and activism. People from Bochum and the surrounding area are invited to ride a virtual ghost train together whose entrance can be found at Bochum‘s Theaterrevier. We will bravely enter the international labyrinth of horrors that is right-wing extremism. As well as fascist ghosts past and present, we will also encounter the benevolent spirits of resistance fighters who tell of their daily conflicts on- and offline. We will listen to them carefully. We will meet heroes who are just ordinary people. We will meet ourselves, because together we can do something to tackle hate.

In order to oppose the increasingly aggressive fascist tendencies of our society with decisiveness and art, cobratheater.cobra, the Junge Ensemble Stuttgart and the Junge Schauspielhaus Bochum are announcing the House of Digital Anti-Fascists! Over the course of two seasons various attempts will be made to create theater as an artistic activity and a space that opposes misanthropy. We will start in Bochum after the easter holydays 2021 with a performance, which will be created by the Junge Ensemble Stuttgart, followed by a new production for the Theaterrevier Bochum.

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  • German Horror Daemonium
  • The House of digital Anti-Fascists  
  • by cobratheater.cobra
  • World Premiere
  • Premiere: dates will follow
A co-production with cobratheater.cobra and Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. German Horror Daemonium will be seen at JES Stuttgart in September 2021.