Right-wing extremist structures have developed in various areas of the internet. Old and new right-wingers build a network there, recruit and mobilise each other via digital channels. Cobratheater.cobra is setting up an interactive and theatrical conversation about this topic in the production German Horror Daemonium.

This online project will take place in the rooms of the Theaterrevier as a theatrical, audio-visual installation. Ten spectators are guided online through the labyrinthine stage set and simultaneously through the ghost train of the internet. The play, which is also offered for school classes, runs on the open-source platform Jitsi, what enables interactions with the audience during the performance. The platform has also been programmed by the collective so that one can write with a "chatbot". Through these interactions, the audience gains insights into possible anti-fascist resistance tools, such as artificial intelligence, as well as into the recent history of fascist violence in Germany and the unbroken resistance against it.

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  • German Horror Daemonium
  • The House of digital Anti-Fascists  
  • by cobratheater.cobra
  • Director: Martin Grünheit, Hieu Hoang, Wanja van Suntum
  • With: Martin Grünheit, Colin Hacklander, Farahnaz Hatam, Hieu Hoang, Alexander Merbeth, Johanna Wieking
  • World Premiere
  • Premiere: 18.06.2021 (Online-Premiere)
A co-production with cobratheater.cobra and Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. German Horror Daemonium will be seen at JES Stuttgart in November 2021.
  • Director: Martin Grünheit, Hieu Hoang, Wanja van Suntum
  • Stage design: Lea Kissing
  • Costume design: Imke Paulick
  • Music: Colin Hacklander, Farahnaz Hatam
  • Coding: Meredith Thomas
  • Light design: Bernd Kühne
  • Dramaturgy: Jana Eiting
  • With: Johanna Wieking, Martin Grünheit, Hieu Hoang, Colin Hacklander, Farahnaz Hatam
  • Image direction (on stage): Alexander Merbeth