In Foyer der Tiere the WeltHütte and the Schauspielhaus become a site of memory. Everyone has left: the theatre is empty. Only three characters – are they still humans? – are left. And with them a fantastic, absurd journey begins through the shadows, currents and echoes of the theatre spaces. We follow a hypnotic prompter who delivers her lines by phone, see a dead pianist playing and watch as two actors try to find the way out. This surreal road movie leads through the bowels of the theatre and out again to a place where architecture no longer provides any identity. Here, something new is created, still vague but stemming from a lust for life: a social utopia after all the drama. These three creatures open up the world anew, without any baggage, free from the struggle for material possessions and individual happiness.

A collective project by the director Judith Skupien with the actors William Cooper and Lukas von der Lühe, the musician Christopher Bruckman, the prompter Sybille Hadulla-Kleinschmidt and the electronic improvisation duo Shathp.


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Audioeinführung Tiere
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  • Duration: 1:30h
  • Premiere: 13.06.2021
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