Can we imagine a future where difference and submission are less important than what binds us together? Would a better tomorrow not be one in which people no longer position themselves as distinct from the world but regard themselves as part of it? Bye bye, capitalism; bye bye, patriarchy; bye bye, mankind, you summit of creation!

A new way of thinking is required – individually and socially, politically, ecologically, aesthetically. The transformations that are approaching us will affect all aspects of life, both human and non-human: what is the state of our relationship with nature, technology and, not least, ourselves?

Starting with texts by Donna Haraway and other writers, in which humans and capitalism have been displaced from the centre of thinking, The Shape of Trouble to Come attempts to construct a utopian narrative of a possible tomorrow. It will also explore alternative, hybrid forms of music theatre, in which the future is created rather than repeatedly attempting to summon up the past.

In the ruins of capitalism, the FARN. collective dreams of a world in which human beings once again view themselves as part of a broader ecology. With Donna Haraway’s utopian human-butterfly hybrid Camille they sing of future life forms and dance on the remains of the anthropocene. The artists behind the FARN. collective are the team that already created the highly regarded productions Bilder deiner großen Liebe after Wolfgang Herrndorf and Die Hydra after texts by Heiner Müller at Schauspielhaus Bochum.

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  • The Shape of Trouble to Come
  • A posthuman ritual
  • by FARN. collective
  • Director: Tom Schneider
  • World Premiere
  • Premiere: 26.01.2022
Eine Produktion von FARN. collective in Koproduktion mit dem Schauspiel Leipzig und dem Schauspielhaus Bochum