They have favourite scenes from theatre literature, they write texts for the stage, they also like to spontaneously re-enact something from the cinema. They have themes that are important to them – politically as well as personal. They have questions for the theatre and a head full of films. They can all sing – classical, musical, song - and many can play an instrument. They can frolic, dance, tap, rap. They love to act or perform or both. Full risk. Poetic and tragic can be a monologue, a dialogue ... or funny!

Ten acting students who burn for theatre with heart and soul are about to start their professional lives. They will train for four years at the Folkwang University of the Arts, one of the most important drama schools in the German-speaking world, and will enrich the theatre and film landscape with their skills and passion in the coming years. As in the previous season, there will be a production with the third-year students in the 2023/2024 season at the Kammerspiele, which will be shown as a repertory performance and also at the Schauspielschultreffen 2024.

The production will be directed by Katharina Birch, who won the hearts of several thousand spectators last season with her production of Beauty and the Beast and who will also direct Der Struwwelpeter this season at the Junges Schauspielhaus. After her first meeting with the students, she says: "At our preparatory meeting in April 2023, I met ten young people who were eager to play and who brought with them a great desire and curiosity for theatre. Wonderful. Because together we want to tell a story, celebrate play and celebrate theatre itself."

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  • A co-production with the Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Director: Katharina Birch
  • Place: Kammerspiele
  • First performance/Premiere: 16.03.2024
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