Creator mania and God complex and a thunderstorm in between.

18-year-old Mary Shelley is sitting with her husband Percy and Lord Byron in the rain on Lake Geneva, discussing the principle of life, somnambulism and experiments in which life is created from dead matter. A plan matures: each of them writes a horror story and presents it to the others. The result is probably the most famous work of English Romanticism: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein, a medical student, creates the unbelievable: He builds a new, living human being from various cadaver parts. His creation shocks him so much that he rejects it and flees. From then on, his creature is hot on his heels, seeking a place in the world, love and ultimately revenge.

‘Did I request thee, maker, from clay to mould me man?’ In times of rapidly developing AI technology, the question of whether humans can become creators and what happens when creation strikes back is posed anew. Director Tom Schneider, known for musically dense and choreographically precise works, has already shown Am laufenden Band and, as part of the Farn.collective, which also includes Sandra Hüller, Bilder deiner großen Liebe and Die Hydra in Bochum.

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  • Premiere: 18.10.2024
+ Introduction 16:30
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