We are what we do. Work structures our day.  Work gives us an identity. Work makes us happy. But work also wears us out. Work is frustrating. Work sucks. Where could anyone appreciate this better than in the working city of Bochum, than in the Ruhr? Here millions of people have laboured in tunnels and shafts, have proudly gone into the mines each day and put their lives at risk. Mining is now history. So is Opel. And Nokia. Welcome to the age of the service provider, the age of logistics, the age of the home office. While work and leisure time used to be clearly distinct from each other, now nobody really knows any more when their shift starts or whether it will ever end.

This evening of music theatre by Tobias Staab (direction and text for O, Augenblick) and Polina Lapkovskaja (famous as an icon of Munich subculture, composer and singer with the band Pollyester) tells of hired hands, temporary labourers, their overseers and bosses. Of unsolicited services, unpaid overtime and never-ending after work parties. And not least of a future in which the mighty concept of work will have been entirely overcome: when artificial intelligence has made us working people superfluous and the great challenge will be to rediscover our free time.   

A post-capitalist requiem will be created under the musical direction of Polina Lapkovskaja, performed live on the Kammerspiele stage by actors of the ensemble and the Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy. Between working class rock’n’roll and Hartz-IV punk, between factory blues, Gastarbeiter cantatas and management discos. Work it, Baby!

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Sat, 11.01.
  • After Work
  • A requiem for the working (wo)man
    by Tobias Staab and Polina Lapkovskaja
  • Premiere: 11.01.2020