The United States. It is a very hot summer in Leister County. A stranger was shot dead on a farm. However, the subsequent court case does not investigate the killing, but negotiates the reporting of the crime and its consequences. The trial on which this play is based actually took place in 1956, yet it is full of today's issues: The anxiety of the foreign, the rise of hatred, the spreading of fake news, the use of arms. The performance, directed by Thomas Dannemann, repeatedly releases the events from the courtroom and in a playful way follows the testimonies of the witnesses in their depiction of the course of events and what happened afterwards in the town, which vigorously describes itself as a quiet place.

The play is performed by acting students of the 4th year of the Folkwang University of the Arts.


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  • Premiere: 30.10.2020
Trailer zu Die vereinigten Staaten von Amerika gegen Herbert Nolan
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