Rosie loves inventing things! She is around eight years old and her room is full of treasures: there are screws and tops from toothpaste tubes, ice cream umbrellas and gear wheels... Rosie can make use of anything and she invents fantastic things with what she finds. Obviously she is going to become an engineer later on, a professional inventor.  She finds school boring: you’re not allowed to try things out there and the right answer has already been worked out. When she’s inventing, Rosie discovers things she didn’t already know. And not everything works straight way, that’s also part of it. When her aunt comes to visit, Rosie decides to make her great wish come true: to be able to fly, just once!  Rosie stays up all night building a flying machine: the cheese-copter. Will she manage it? Will the cheese-copter fly? Come along and find out! A story about rummaging and fiddling, about crashes and bangs, failure and laughter. 

Sara Hasenbrink is a puppet theatre artist from Bochum. She can build anything you can imagine: really tiny things and huge ones. She often appears on stage herself but for the Theaterrevier she will direct this play for audiences aged 5 and over.

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  • Premiere: 11.09.2022
  • Language: DE

Die letzte Vorstellung fand am 24.02.2024 statt.

Trailer: Siegersbusch Film
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