The land of Fantastica is in danger!  Atreyu and the dragon Falkor set off to find salvation for the will o’ the wisps and rock biters, the midgets, witches and centaurs and all the other creatures in the land. A child must be found from the human world to give the childlike Empress a new name. That is the only way Fantastica can be saved. But Fantastica only exists in a book, doesn’t it?

A book with a red cover with two snakes on it, stolen by a boy who is sitting on a roof all alone reading it. But why can Atreyu, who is in the story, hear the voice of the boy who is reading?

New adventures begin when the boy who is reading the story suddenly finds he is in the story himself, travelling through Fantastica with Atreyu. The lion Grograman, the Schlamoofs, the sorceress Xayide and of course both Atreyu and Falkor are just some of the creatures who accompany him on the dangerous journey back to the world beyond Fantastica.

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16:00 — 18:45
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16:00 — 18:45
16:00 — 18:45
16:00 — 18:45
16:00 — 18:45
16:00 — 18:45
  • Premiere: 20.11.2021
  • Basma Blix Balthasar: Carmen van Mulier
  • Atréju: Rahel Jankowski
  • Basmas Vater, Irrlicht, Borkentroll, Graógramán, Ygramul, Urgl, Uyulála, Gespenst, H(ýdom), Acharai/Schlamuffe, Uschtu, Kaiserstadt Bewohner: Leòn Ali Çifteci
  • Junge, Winzling, Borkentroll, Ygramul, Engywuck, Uyulàla, Gespenst, Kindliche Kaiserin/Mondenkind, H(ýsbald), Acharai/Schlamuffe, Schirkrie', Kaiserstadt Bewohner: Dominik Dos-Reis
  • Felsenbeißer, Artax, Ygramul, Sphinx, Uyulàla, Gmork, Hügel, Held Hynreck, Acharai/Schlamuffe, Xayíde, Alter Kaiser: Victor IJdens
  • Karl Konrad Koreander, Morla, Ygramul, Uyulála, Alte vom Wandernden Berge, Hügel, Jicha, Acharai/Schlamuffe, Gespenst, Dame Aiuóla: Veronika Nickl
  • Junge, Nachtalb, Caíron, Fuchur, Sphinx, Uyulála, Gespenst, Prinzessin Oglamar, Jisipu', Argax: Marius Huth
  • Musician: Jimmi Hueting
  • Wächter: Tim Brockmann