Bochum in the not too distant future: A tourist group is looking for the legendary theatre of the city. But where the Schauspielhaus should be, there is hardly anything that reminds one of it. Where have they gone, the past 100 years of theatre in Bochum? Excavated archival finds, traditional rumours, incomplete legends, forgotten rituals, and many old and new songs are turned into a song evening that celebrates the impossibility of bringing back the past. A declaration of love to an art that cannot be held fast.

How do you tell 100 years of theatre history?

Tobias Staab: That‘s not really possible. Especially not for someone like me who isn‘t from Bochum and hasn‘t experienced this story, nor for the actors who are new to the city. But exactly this outside eye can be made productive by not hiding it. Our ignorance is our strength, because we do not run the risk of becoming nostalgic or sentimental.

What music will we listen to?

Tobias Staab: In these 100 years Bochum has experienced a variety of different musical styles, from classical tradition to folk songs to contemporary pop. In the 21st century, the distinction between art music and popular music has become obsolete. Everything can take place in parallel in a spotify playlist. The evening should reflect such a diversity.

Who do you work with for the music?

Tobias Staab: The musical director is Torsten Kindermann, who is not only an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, but also knows about the demands of theatre. He knows Bochum and his theatre very well. And he also has a very good sense of humor.

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Thur, 28.02.
Sat, 02.03.
Sun, 03.03.
Sat, 23.03.
Tue, 26.03.
+ afterwards audience discussion
Sat, 30.03.
Premiere: 22.02.2019